Jess Spring: Going Out!

Own the nightclubs!

Don’t let the break end! Go out with Jess and Tiffany! Pick your style and show off with Jess Spring: Going out! for iPod, iPhone and iPad!

Create amazing nightclub scenes!

Get your fashion style on and chose an outfit to dash everyone! Help Tiffany pick the best clothes and be the star of the night.

Customize everything!

Change your hairstyle, put on some glasses and sport cool tights. You can pick from a huge wardrobe of clothes, accessories and styles.

Share your styles on Facebook…

Show everyone your creations and upload them to Facebook for friends to vote on them. Speak your mind and vote on their styles too!

…and keep them to show everyone!

See your previous photos in the gallery and check their score. You can ask friends and family to rate them, posting the link to Facebook.

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