Sea Crypt

Endless dungeons are waiting for you in this procedural crawler

Explore endless dungeons with your party, gather items and fight enemies!

Sea Crypt is a dungeon crawler in development and more features will be added in the future.

Play as two classes!

Pick between the tanky Warrior or the nimble Archer! Each class has their strengths and specialized equipment. As you explore, you’ll find more companions to join your party, letting you adjust it to your play style.

Explore endless dungeons

Every level is procedurally generated and filled with enemies to test your courage. Fight your way through the hordes and pick your own path.

Find amazing loot

Open chests and find drops while searching passages. Upgrade your party’s equipment and be always ready for the dangers that you’ll be facing as you move foward.

Version Log


  • 2 Character Classes: Archer and Warrior, with special abilities
  • Procedurally generated fantasy dungeons and enemies
  • 4 Item slots: Legs, Armor, Helmet and Weapon, all generated
  • v1.1:

  • Elemental Weapons
  • Elemental Dungeons
  • In the next version:

  • Visual and UI updates
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